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Claz'room College
Claz'room College
Clazroom College
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Clazroom College is recognised as a prominent art and creative multimedia institution in the region, through the education it provides and its ties with creative industries. An award winning Private College, specialised in Multimedia Art. with JPK and collaboration with Wanborough College in UK, we offer SKM Certification and Advanced Diploma programs in 2D illustration, 3D animation and Game Design. We provide the most effective learning programs, and accommodate different learning styles and to assess incoming students in exciting ways. We create relevant, engaging and memorable educational experiences that successfully address the specific challenges of young talented artist. To prepare them for the exciting Multimedia Art Industry.

Come and visit us to experience the fun learning programs and environment.

欢迎加入claz‘room专业课程一同踏上多媒体美术专家路程!Claz'room是专业得奖的 Autodesk 授权培训学校, 马来西亚政府JPK承认培训学校。宗旨根据实业需求,提供所有对美术有热诚的学生一个真正专业的训练课程,与英国Wanborough College合作提供2年双文凭课程:商业美术插画;电脑动画;电玩游戏设计。专业的导师,实际集中的训练课程内容,20个月全职的课程让学生最短时间内从零达到专业水准!


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